blaykyi kenyah

I am an artist and writer from Accra, Ghana, with a nomadic practice. I am fundamentally curious about the ontology and potential of art—what art is and what art can do—and I try to use my photography, sculpture, and conceptual work to investigate and reflect on this and many other interests. I was most recently a participant in the Irish Musuem of Modern Art’s Art and Politics Summer School. 


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photo credit: Hanna Endale

My work often utilizes art to investigate the possibilities inherent in itself. My subjects are eclectic, and medium often follows interest in my practice, but irrespective of the medium, —be it film photography, where I started out, to digital photography, sculpture, and conceptual work— I have sought to reflect on the relationship between art-as-object and art-as-discourse. This was initially subtle, for example in Secret Places, where I reflected on erosion, man-made and natural, by juxtaposing images of naturally exposed elements with buildings that are considered no longer worthy of use. In later work, this investigation has become more explicit, as I develop a curiosity towards what the expansion of the boundaries of art can mean for its content, for example, in Walmart Project.

I was born in 1996 in Sunyani, and spent my formative years in Accra before moving to New Jersey to pursue my BA in Politics at Princeton University from 2015 to 2019. Since then, I have travelled between residencies in the states of New York and Vermont, as well as participated in the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s 2019 Art and Politics Summer School. I have also been fortunate to have traditional shows at Princeton, NJ and Chautauqua, NY , as well as an unorthodox happening in Rutland, VT, where I was most recently a resident at 77Art.