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I am an artist and writer from Accra, Ghana, with a nomadic practice. I am fundamentally curious about the ontology and potential of art—what art is and what art can do—and I try to use my photography, sculpture, and conceptual work to investigate and reflect on this and many other interests. I was most recently a participant in the Irish Musuem of Modern Art’s Art and Politics Summer School. 


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A repository of Akan adinkra symbols, updated reguarly

Wo nsa da mu a
Your hand(s) is/are in (the dish)
A symbol of democracy and pluralism (from the saying, wonsa da mu a, wɔnni nnya wo, meaning 'if your hand(s) is/are in the dish, you're not left behind in the eating')

Gye Nyame
But for God
A statement of faith in, hope in, or appreciation of God

A symbol of creativity

Ɔdɔ nyera fie kwan
Love does not lose its way home
Love finds its way. Also a proberb.

King of the adinkra
A symbol of authority and leadership

Dawnnini mmɛn Ram horns
A symbol of strength and humility

Go back and take
A symbol of retrieving and cherishing heritage

Twists and turns
A symbol of the turtuous path of life

A symbol of durability and reliability

Woforo Dua Pa A
When you climb a good tree
A symbol of supporting worthwhile causes. This is from the proverb, “woforo dua pa, na yepia wo”, meaning, it is when you climb a good tree that you are pushed

Funtumfunefu ne Dɛnkyɛmfunafu
The name of a mythological creature
A symbol of a struggling towards a common goal

Wawa Aba
The seed of the Wawa tree
A symbol of toughness and hardiness

UAC Nkanea
UAC LIghts
A symbol of technological innovation, but a statement of colonialism. UAC is the United Africa Company, later absorbed by Unilever

Tamfo Bɛbrɛ Enemies will suffer
A symbol that counters jealousy, or motivates success in the face of emnity