blaykyi kenyah

I am an artist and writer from Accra, Ghana, with a nomadic practice. I am fundamentally curious about the ontology and potential of art—what art is and what art can do—and I try to use my photography, sculpture, and conceptual work to investigate and reflect on this and many other interests. I was most recently a participant in the Irish Musuem of Modern Art’s Art and Politics Summer School. 


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Walmart Project, 2019

This ‘happening’ was a three-part conceptual work, in which a team of participants and I had a conversation about what art was, and what art could be, with some help from Duchamp and Ikea. After which we visited Walmart (any large supermarket works too), with the sole purpose of considering the objects there not as meant for commercial consumption, but in their own right as deliberately designed pieces in a curated space, the ready-made in its natural habitat. The resulting conversation was wide ranging, from feminism to color coding, from iconography to mass culture.
Somewhere, Anywhere, 2019
Untitled, 2018
Plaster, Tempera Paint Accretion
Fading into (My) Blackness, 2018
Gelatin Silver Print, 7” x 9’’